Working overview of a sattellite tv system?


OVERVIEW:Earlier people could receive a couple of tv and radio
channels over their sets,which were transmitted either by
earth stations or retransmitted through early communication
satellites.People used larege c- band dishes to watch a couple
of channels .Different regions had different channels with
early programming sources.



PROGRAMMING SOURCES-Basically the filming and recording
companies like that of TVF,RED CHILLIES etc. produce the
audio/video content,and then does the necessary
mixing/editing.These data is then transmitted to the headends
of the network partners like that of HBO,ESPN,ZEE,STAR,BAG etc

HEADEND-These are programme data centers which stores
and then transmits data(audio/video) after encoding them
into suitable formats.These formatted data after encryption(in some cases) is sent to uplink center.

UPLINK CENTER-The earth station from where the electrical data is converted to electromagnetic/radio waves and transmitted to orbittal sattellites,after necessary amplification .

The dedicated sattellite which recieves the radio signal
transmitted by earth stations and redirect it through multiple
transponders after second amplification to a wider area on the
earths surface.The operating transponder freq determines the
signal power ,operating radio band and the operating freq.
and symbol rate.

RECIEVING END:Comprises of dish antena,lnb,settop box and a
tv set.
Smaller dish sizes required for recieving the redirected radio
LNB-low noisee block,recieves the concentrated radio signal
and convert it to electrical signal and after amplification
transfers the data in electrical form to the settop box,

SETTOPBOX-The settop box decodes,decrypts the data and
convert it back to pictures,audible sound,and moving pictures
(video) formats through a tv as understable by a human.