How to watch maximum Free to Air channels in small Dish ?


Qeustion: How to watch maximum Free to Air channels in small Dish ?

Question Asked by navamsha


Answer: Thanks for posting your question on, yes you can watch so many free to air channels in Delhi. The best satellites available in delhi for ku-band.

1. Instat 4B – 93.5 Degree

Available 59 TV Channels free to air from DD Direct Plus.
2. ABS1 – 75 Degree
Available 51 Russian TV channels free to Air from this satellite

for other satellites, please check left side ku-band satellites category, you will get all information.

Now 2nd question is how to install these channels?,

although both satellites are available in different position so you have to install another dish antenna and add LNB with diseqc switch. You are using Solid 9030 this is also good HD satellite receiver which can search worldwide channels.
Please feel free ask if you have another question.

Trackdish Team


  • Dinesh DK

    Thanks for the reply, only thing I could understood is that I have to install a second dish and add something called LNB & diseqc? ok I’ll try to understand this. My other question was “Is there any stb which can scan availabe satellites insted of manually feeding the
    name and angle” pl. notice here I am talking of scanning satellites not channels.- Navamsha/DK

  • Bharat Kumar Siruvani

    where can I get the firmware upgrade for sold hds- 6060 receiver

  • Mahmoud

    How can I get ary tv or any other Urdu news channel in the Gambia

  • Sriharan Venkateswra Prabhu V

    Insat 4B is not available in the list of satellites in my SOLID HD-S2 STB.Why?

    • Blink333

      You have to align your dish and add the name in the list by yourself.

  • Sriharan Venkateswra Prabhu V

    HD S2 1740 SOLID STB-firmware is not available for downloading.Can you arrange for it??