SOLID launched SOLID KB-DSL LNB for dual Satellite Signal Reception

SOLID Brand India launched new products due to high demands of customers, by using this LNB, Free-To-Air DTH subscriber can get two satellite in Single dish Antenna. This LNB can be adjust satellite angle from 4 degree to 8 degree. Before All customers using monoblock LNB.

What is difference Between SOLID KB-DSL and Normal Monoblock LNB ?


You can adjust degree angle in KB-DSL LNB, But you can adjust degree angle in Monoblock.
You can add two set-top box in different different satellite, In monoblock you can not do same.
You have to use a DiSeQc Switch to use with single Set-Top Box, In Monoblock you no need Switch.
Is it suitable with All DTH Signal reception ?

Yes, you can use with Any DTH services or Free-to-Air Channels.

Where to Buy :

You can buy this Product on, Shopclues, Marginprice, Solid4you website.


Here is some Technical Specifications :

Input : 10.70 -12.70GHz
L.O. : 9.70 / 10.60GHz
Gain : 60dB
Max Distance ; 37mm
Adjustable Range : 4 Degree to 8 Degree


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