Question: When I am installing Dual Band LNB Signal is not coming other band?

Question: When I install signals for 1 band then I miss 2nd Band? What is solution for C+ku Dual Band LNB?

Answer: Yes, it is good question, when you install this LNB then you may face some problem for both bands. Because when you got signals for c-band then your ku-band may have problem or when you get signals for ku-band then you may miss c-band so best trick is:


“Connect two receivers in both ports and try to get signals in same time in both receivers or you can use two digital satellite finders to install this LNB”


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  • pradeep2373

    which is the best free to air set top box? please suggest.

  • pradeep2373

    I have dish TV in my home can I used this dish to watch free to air channel with same position.

  • Sh Talha

    very easy setup the lnb with two satellites in receiver c band as well as ku band and start scan with ku 1st and 2nd with c band respectively with the settings of 22khz switch on. you will be able to work with this Inshallah