Installation settings of HDS2-9057 / HDS2-9066 / HDS2-6042 Set-Top Boxes


SOLID is India’s no.1 Brand in free-to-air set-top boxes, company every 2 month launch new set-top boxes. These set-top box are fully compatible to receive fta channels. If you have recently purchase these SOLID models (HDS2-9057 / HDS2-9066 / HDS2-6042) and having problem in installation, then here is step by step installation settings.

  1. To installation in your set-top box, Press >> Menu button in your remote >> Go to Installation and >>> Select “Satellite List”.


2.Now in satellite list, select any ku-band satellite if you are using small dth antenna, or if you are using bigger C-band antenna then choose any C-band satellite. Below I have select “KU-Thaicom 5” satellite. After select satellite press “exit” button to save selection.



3. Now you again see below function, now go to “Antenna Set-up” to change settings in current selected satellite.

settings of HDS2-9057 / HDS2-9066 / HDS2-6042

4. In “Antenna Set-up” you will see given below settings, Choose LNB frequency “Universal (9750-10600)” for small DTH (ku-band satellites) or if you want to receive C-band satellite then choose “C Band (5150-5150) frequencies.

If you are using multiple Dish antenna or multiple lnb, want to receive reception in single set-top box by DiSEqC switch then see settings.

To save these settings press >> Exit button.


5. Now again you will see installation menu, now click on “Single Satellite Search”.


6. in “Single Satellite Search” change settings according to given below picture. Click on “Search” option.


7. After clicking on “Search” option you will see given below window, wait till complete this search process.


8. Congratulations !! you have completed installation of your  HDS2-9057 / HDS2-9066 / HDS2-6042 set-top box.

DS2-9057 / HDS2-9066 / HDS2-6042 Installation-done

Please let us know if you have any feedback and suggestions via comments.



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    • mavuri

      Dear Mr. Srinivas,
      i need to set up Thai channels in here with Solid setup box is it available with you please inform me soon


        hi sir
        your location please
        our servce avalable at hyderabad location only
        nearly 100+ thai channels avalable on c band dish.
        please call-8686177710(srinivas)

        • jothi raj

          settings are changed in my solid settop box. i need installation help in chennai. if anybody is there please give me your contact number. i will contact you. i need help to install the FTA chanells

  • Taps

    I have a C-BAND Antennae & SOLID HDS2-9300 receiver, I can view only some channels on AsiaSat5 (NTV Mir, Bloomberg, AlArabiya, France24, etc) but I am not able to view all the MPEG-4 Channels (RTR Planeta, 1TV RUS Asia, RaiItalia Asia, etc)
    Need help in tuning the receiver or if someone knows a person in Bangalore who can tune C-Band receivers ?