How to Install Monoblock LNB with Diseqc Switch?

Question: How to Install Monoblock LNB with Diseqc Switch?

Wow, this is great question from Trackdish User, I didn’t try that before, but when you asked this question. I read so many blogs and forums now I am ready for experiment and going for work hard with my own satellite system


What you need:

  • Monoblock LNB
  • 4in1 Diseqc Switch
  • 2in1 Power Pass Cable Splitter
  • 3 Jumper Cable (Male to Male Lead)


Connect Monoblock LNB Output to Splitter Input Port with Jumper Cable

Now connect Splitter port1 to Diseqc Switch LNB1 and Splitter port2 to Diseqc Switch LNB2

Now check your set-Top Box, you have signals for both satellites when you change Diseqc switch command. so you can create two output in monoblock LNB by using Splitter.

You can use other LNB3 and LNB4 for extra LNBs that will work fine.

Install Monoblock LNB with Diseqc Switch?
Install Monoblock LNB with Diseqc Switch


  • Nayeem J Ahmed

    where can i get the jumper cable i have tried this but its not working.

  • Jahabar Sadiq

    Hello there,

    I am also in the need of connecting monoblock LNB and another single LNB to same STB via DiSeqc switch. I gone through the discussion and got the idea. Now, I didn’t get the two way splitter but a 4 way power pass. I have the below queries.

    1. Will the 4 way Vs 2 way splitter make any differences since two output ports will be empty in the 4 way splitter?
    2. I can understand that we have to select LNB1 for one satellite and LNB2 for another satellite in STB. But whether the splitter will aways send the signals of each satellite in the same ports always? Or we have to keep on changing the LNB ports in STB every time when we are restarting the set top box?



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  • Surender Vashist

    How can I use monoblock lnb for two set top box
    I have 2 connection of dishtv hd or normal can I use 1 monoblock lnb for both set top box
    Pls provide solution