How to Install New Frequencies in SOLID SD-921 Set-Top Box ?

How to Install New Frequencies in SOLID SD-921 Set-Top Box ?

Here, We are giving instructions for SOLID brand SD-921 MPEG-2 Set-top Box, This set-top box have different software from market set-top box so you may have some problem in installations. So Here is simple step for Blind scan to get all DD Freedish TV Channels.


If you have different type (new) firmware installed in your SF-354 / SD-921 Box– then See installation settings from here

From Remote Press MENU >> Installation >> OK


In Satellite list, Choose anyone satellite >> Press VOL+ button to change settings of this satellite. Make settings according to above picture.


After make changes in satellite settings, Now press “Blue” button from your remote for Scan this satellite.


After press “Blue” Button from your remote, you will see this new window, Change settings according to above picture.


After change settings, now come to “Search” options and Press “OK” from your remote.
Now you see this window with new channels and new frequencies

If you have any question regarding this set-top box installation, you can comment, we will reply to you.


  • Mithilesh Mishra

    How to instal new freq. Solid 6033 new set top box

  • Rocky

    Thanks for the info. However, I want to ask that we do have some HD channels in free to air dish. Why don’t we get it on this? If we can have those , how do I get ?


    I searched but it’s showing no program