How to install another LNB on Same Ku Band Dish?

Question : How to install another LNB on Same Ku Band Dish?

 By : Mr. Abdul Hakim Khan


Answer: Hello, you mean you want to install multiple LNBs on same small ku band dish antenna. It is very easy here are some easy steps:

Dish Size:

Dish size should be 60cm to 100 cm for good gain, because one small dish gives 40-60 db gain so use your dish antenna branded and good quality.

Best prefer antenna is ” Dish TV’ because it is cover Horizontal space widely.


Selection of LNB, always choose low noise figure lnb for best signals, if you are using low size dish antenna.

Best prefer LNB is “Solid 0.01 Noise Figure (75db Gain)” or Ultra Black but it is very costly.

Set-top Box:

I always suggest mpeg-2 / dvb-s receiver at the time of installation, because mpeg-2 receiver can lock channels in low gain and show you real time gain info bar. So always use mpeg-2 receiver at the time of installation, try to on Tone burst from your set-top box if available, because this is easy way to set your dish.


always use good cable and connectors, because if you do not use good cable it can take more gain, for example if you are receiving gain from Dish 50db gain and your cable is taking 10db gain then your set-top box receive only 40db gain, it means it will not lock channels, and you will see low gain.

How to point your dish on correct satellite?

While installation dish, you should remember that there should be gape of 1-6 degree within satellites, because under 4-5 degree you can catch satellites easily.

for example

DD Direct Plus Satellite ( Insat 4B) Available at 93.5 Degree

Dish TV (Nss6)                            Available at 95.0 Degree

(Both satellites you can catch by Single LNB because there is difference only 1.5 Degree)

Dish TV (Asia sat)                        Available at 100.5 Degree

On single dish, Single LNB will not able to catch three satellites, now you will have to set another lnb, check given below pictures for more information


Multple LNB on Single Dish
Multple LNB on Single Dish - How to Install
Multple LNB on Single Dish – How to Install

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  • Mangesh Shinde

    Can we get same satellite in 2 different LNBs installed side by side?
    I want to use one dish for 2 receivers, should I go for 2 separate LNBs or 1 twin output LNB?

    • Debashis Roy

      Dear Mangesh, You can use dual pin (output) lnb instead of 2 separate lnbs for connecting 2 nos receivers with one dish antenna

      • Mangesh Shinde

        thanks dear Debashis bro…

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