How to watch IPTV in SOLID HDS2-6303 / HDS2-6303 Pro?

Today, You will get very good information about SOLID HDS2-6303 and HDS3-6303 Pro set-top boxes by SOLID brand, that how to add IPTV channels in your set-top box?. It is not very difficult task so let’s work on this easy method.

First of all open “Google” and find open source available IPTV channels link in “m3u8” formats. Save all links in single notepad. like below.


Create a notepad file with file name “tvlist_cation.m3u”

in first line write #EXTM3U after that write #EXTINF:-1, and TV name

in second line paste IPTV link in m3u8 format.

after save all links in above formats, then save notepad as “tvlist_cation.m3u“. We have also attached a file format, you can download from bottom of this post.

First of all you need high speed internet connection, minimum speed should be about 2MBPS. Connect WiFi dongle with your set-top box and go to system setting >> Network Setting >> put WiFi password and connect your box to internet connection.

If you have prepared your notepad file then you can import it by USB. Go to Menu-> Utility -> IPTV -> Press Blue Button for import file.

Now import your notepad or .m3u8 file

Here you can download IPTV file format for SOLID HDS2-6303 / HDS2-6303 PRO and other GX chipset set-top boxes.

If you have query then post comment.