How to use satellite dB meter or sat finder?

Instructions to use satellite dB meter Or sat finder …

satellite dB meter
satellite dB meter

1. First you connect a cable from the dish LNB to the “LNBF IN” port of the satellite finder.
2. Now connect another wire from the satellite finder to your satellite receiver’s “TO DISH” or “LNBF IN” or “SAT IN” port.
3. Take the satellite FINDER and put it on its highest sensitivity setting.
4. Move your dish up/down/left/right until the finder starts beeping.
5. When the satellite finder starts beeping turn its sensitivity down slowly (A Volume Type Button) until the beeping just stops.
6. Move your dish up/down/left/right again until the finder starts beeping.
7. Repeat the process until the TV screen gets a good signal.


Warning: a cheap meter is a cheap meter. It will indicate signal level from the LNB and nothing else. So Buy only branded meters.

Question: Can I power it from the set-top box or do I need a power supply?

Ans: SAT Finders get power from satellite receiver but you can power it from a suitable regulated DC supply or 12v battery instead. Instructions are included with the meter.



  • Sarabjeet

    I want to know about highest sensitivity setting.please reply me

    • There is not settings like highest sensitivity.
      if you have to set your antenna by step by only.