How to use dd freedish and abs freeview together?

1)2 ku band dishes of sizes minimum 60 cm and 75 cm respectively
2)2 lnb preferably with 0.1 noise,and min 60db power.
3)a diseqC switch ,4*1 or 8*1
4)a settop box with diseqc 1.0 or 1.2 function.

Process of installation:
1)first of all install both the dishes firmly with a base.
2)track sattellite GSAT 15 on the first dish
after successfull tracking track the second sattellite ABS 2 at 74.9 degree east on the second dish (75 cm).
3)After tracking is completed,connect the two dish antennas as show in the figure using coaxial cables rg6
4)Now in the settop box select two sattellites, or create two sattellites in the installation menu.
Now under antenna settup ,set the lnb freq as universal(9750-10600) for both.
Select PORT A for first sattellite
and PORT B for the second sattellite in diseqC 1.0 Setting.
after completion of the above configuration select both the the sattellites just created.
scan both the sattellites individually or together if multi sattelliete search option is available.
after scan is being carried out successfully,you may watch both the channels together.
-sk sahu



  • Pawanpreet Singh

    Good Article, Thanks.

  • Muthukrishnan Hariharan

    thanks for the article…I followed exactly the method suggested..but ABS 2 only 2 channels appear now after 29-12-2016…all remaining channels has no signals..power 34-49 shown..Guide me to correct the error?


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