How to Use C+ku Dual Band LNB in Single Dish ?

Question: How to Use C+ku Dual Band LNB in Single Dish ?

Answer : If you got C+ku dual band and you want to install in your dish here is better tricks for you. you can use according to below image, 1 connector, 1 connector cable and 1 22 KHz switch. and connect as given below picture.




c+ku Dual band lnb
c+ku Dual band lnb

Now you can use any set-top Box which is enable 22 KHz swithing facility.


Which dish would be suitable for this lnb ?

Best suitable dish is for Dual Band LNB, you can use above 4ft (120cm), 5ft (150cm) and 6ft (180cm). or you can use any bigger c+ku band dish antenna.

Question: When I install signals for 1 band then I miss 2nd Band? What is solution for C+ku Dual Band LNB?    ( Question asked by Atif)

 Where I can buy this LNB, Jumber and Connector ?

Best place for buying satellite accessories and tools on or you can find it any other online sellers. But all items should be branded for best result.

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  • ATIF

    is there any setup needs in reciver while using c+ku band dual lnb? i m using El-3030 CR plus usb

    • First of All connect Two Receivers in both Ports, and Try to get signals in both receiver. When you get signals then use Diseq. Switch for use in Single Receiver.

      This is the best and fast trick to get signals in both Band.