How to Receive Peace TV Urdu / Peace TV English / Peace TV Bengali in Small Dish ?

Answer: If you are looking to install Peace TV Urdu, Peace TV English and Peace TV Bengali.

( Note : This installation only for Indian coverage)


Then here is tips for you.

Check Coverage of your Area :

First of all check coverage of you area. If you are installing you dish without checking coverage, you may waste your time and money.


Peace TV on Intelsat 20 intelsat20-1


By above images you can see, if your location in under round then you have to install 130cm dish. 120cm dish (4ft C-Band Dish) also work on same.

if your location is out of this round then you have to install 170cm Dish or 5ft C-Band Dish.


From where to buy System:

Buy Online:

If you are looking to buy online, you can purchase from You will receive you delivery within 15 days after confirm payment. Now you can pay with Credit and Debit Card also.

Buy From Store:

Bhind, Madhya Pradesh

You can purchase System from District Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. A Branch of Store.

New Delhi, Delhi

You can also purchase System from New Delhi, Naraina Vihar from Store.

After purchase and installation of Dish Antenna, you need satellite frequency’s for these channels.

Satellite – Intelsat 20 at 68.5° East
Peace TV Bangla
Frequency – 3774
Symbol Rate – 3330
Pol – H
FEC – 3/4
Ecryption- DVB-S/MPEG-2 / Free to Air

Satellite – Intelsat 20 at 68.5° East
Peace TV Urdu / Peace TV English
Frequency – 4116
Symbol Rate – 8145
Pol – V
FEC – 2/3
Ecryption- DVB-S/MPEG-2 / Free to Air


If you already have any question, then register to and Ask any question. you will get instant help.


  • kamranadeebakamran siddique

    Now 105.5e satellite

  • Bashiruddin Minyaji

    whether peace tv is banned in india

  • Faiz

    Bro. plz any one help me, how to get c-band dish for peace tv, in my region there is no installer. where can i get?

  • Faisal Raza

    I need your help Brother.

    I bought C-Band 6ft dish with C band LNB of Solid Brand along with HD Settop box. But 2 technician failed. On roof top i have got 2 mobile tower installed and they say due that its not catching signal of Intelsat for Peace TV.

    I am living in Delhi, India If any one have got technician name & number in Delhi, India, who have got experience to fix this issue will be great help for me. 2 Technician tried everything and said due to Mobile tower no signal.

    What to do and how to get it working.