How to install c-band satellite system for Home and Business use ?

Question: How to install c-band satellite system?

Answer: Are you want to install own C-band satellite system for receive Free to air Channels. Yes, you can do it yourself. You should know something about before installing dish.



Question: What Accessories I need for installation?

Answer: You should have:

1. Satellite Dish Antenna

2. Satellite Receiver

3. Satellite LNBF

4. Coaxial Cable

5. Coaxial Cable connector

6. Digital Satellite dB Meter


 Question: How to choose C-Band accessories?

Answer: We can give you an example for choose your satellite tools…

1. Satellite Dish Antenna

First of all you should know that which satellite you want track. For example if you have chooses Insat 4A then go to website and check signal quantity in your area. According to signals choose size of dish. Please note, wrong dish size can waste your time and money.

2. Satellite receiver

Satellite receiver is important part of this system so be wise when you choosing Set-Top box. We will recommend for Full HD set-top box with DVB-S2 / mpeg-4 technology.


Because most of channels are migrating to mpeg-4 and HD technology so you cheap box can be dead in future.

 3. Satellite LNBF

LNBF means low noise block filter which convert magnetic signals to analogue so choose only Branded LNBF for good signals.

4. Coaxial Cable

Choose original pure copper cable which will not waste your signals. If you choose lowest cost cable then you can loss some transponders due to low signals.

 5. Coaxial Cable connector

Choose crimp type connector, by using this connector you do have to repair in rainy season.

6. Digital Satellite dB Meter

Choose only Digital Satellite dB meter, because according to my experience analogue satellite dB meter show false information. So it means Digital Satellite dB meter will save your time.

 Question: How to install or let me know installation process Step by step?

 Answer: First of all install your satellite dish on your roof and fix LNB by correct position. you can watch YouTube videos that how to install LNB on Dish.

Now connect your LNB to Satellite Receiver and add satellite dB meter back side of your dish. When you move your dish it will beep.

After then good beep / signals try to blind search your Set-top Box. This process you have to do again and again until you receive channels.

Please feel free ask if you have any other question in your mind.