Eutelsat 113 is 4th Best Satellite for FTA Free Satellite TV in USA

Eutelsat 113 is 4th best satellite for receive free-to-air satellite TV channels in USA region. Eutelsat 113 or Satmex 6 satellite available at 113.0° west. At this time 14 free-to-air television channels available from this satellite which can be receive by using small DTH antenna and FTA satellite receiver.

If you are thinking to receive these channels then you can install minimum 90cm Ku-Band dish antenna at your roof with DVB-S set-top box. If you don’t want to get into the nuts and bolts of installing and setting up the equipment then you can call any online or offline dish installer.


For Eutelsat 113 satellite in New Mexico at 74% signal strength coming for BVN TV channel. If you want these channels for short term then do not install dish antenna use internet streaming service to get all those channels.

But still you want to install ku-band dish antenna then here is channel list and all frequencies of this satellite.

Channel Name Language Satellite TP Frequencies POL. S.R.
Esperanza TV Spanish Eutelsat 113 11994 V 4340
Hope Channel English Eutelsat 113 11994 V 4340
Reuters News HD English Eutelsat 113 12047 H 14300
BVN TV Amerika Dutch Eutelsat 113 12076 H 5787
CCTV 4 Chinese Eutelsat 113 12089 H 11718
Da-Ai TV 2 Chinese Eutelsat 113 12080 H 25635
G and E Chinese Eutelsat 113 12080 H 25635
Hwazan Satellite TV Chinese Eutelsat 113 12076 H 5787
Taiwan Macroview TV Chinese Eutelsat 113 12076 H 5787
Apostolic Oneness Network English Eutelsat 113 12161 H 1480
Tele Restauración English Eutelsat 113 12110 H 2170
TVB South America Chinese Eutelsat 113 12084 V 3336
MAC TV Chinese Eutelsat 113 12084 V 3336
XEWT 12 Spanish Eutelsat 113 12099 V 1525

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In USA, you can also install extra dish antenna to receive more FTA channels, Here is satellites : Galaxy 19, Galaxy 3C and SES 2 satellites.