How to Connect Internet in Solid HDS2-6141 by Mobile USB Network

How to Connect Internet in Solid HDS2-6141 by Mobile USB Network

If you have SOLID Brand set-top box, Model No.HDS2-6141 and you want to connect this box to Internet by using mobile USB cable then here is complete procedure.



First of all, from your HDS2-6141 remote press “Menu” button then go to “Installation” and it will ask for password then enter “0000”.


Now you will see new window and you will find lots of options. Click on “Network Setup”


Now you will see another window, select “USB Network” and save settings by pressing “OK” or “Exit” button from your remote.


Now use given below smartphone data cable to connect with your HDS2-6141 set-top box. Here is connectivity:

USB Male Pin>> Plug in your SOLID HDS2-6141 Set-Top Box.

USB Micro Male Pin>> Plug in this port to Smartphone (USB tethering will not work in your smartphone if this cable not connected to Box or application)


Now to go to in your smartphone (Android) settings. Click “more” below “Data uses”.


Here you will see in second option “Tethering & mobile hotspot” click on that.




Here, you will see “USB tethering” option and press right hand side button for activate “USB tethering”.

Now you will see that you set-top box connected to USB network by mobile. Now you can watch YouTube in your TV using SOLID HDS2-6141 set-top box.

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  • Abneesh Kumar

    usb feature not available in solid 6141 settopbox. so plz dont make fool