As on date Ministry has permitted 87 TV channels which are uplinked from outside India and have been granted permission to downlink in India under the policy guidelines for Downlinking of Television Channels. The list of permitted channels is available on Ministry’s website i.e.



If anybody will receive these channels by using C-band Dish antenna or IPTV, then
warningFirst offence –
2 years of imprisonment or fine of Rs.2 lakh or both.

warningSecond offence – 5 years of imprisonment or fine of Rs.3 lakh or both

According to Government of India and Press sources, here are banned TV channels list in India.

Banned TV Channel Country (Uplinking From)
Q TV Pakistan
Peace TV Dubai
Saudi TV  Saudi Arabia
Madani TV Pakistan
TV Maldives
ARY TV Afghanistan
P TV Pakistan
P TV Home Pakistan
P TV World Pakistan
Geo TV Pakistan
Dawn TV Pakistan
Express News Pakistan
Waqt News Pakistan
Noor TV Pakistan
Hadi TV Pakistan
Aaj TV Pakistan
Ab Tak Pakistan
N TV Bangladesh
Filmax Pakistan
S TV Pakistan
Kantipur Nepal
Ahmedia Channel U.K
BBS TV Bhutan
Nepal TV Nepal

Indian Government Downlinking Guidelines           (Source:

Application for Downlinking of Foreign TV channel in India           (Source:

All Notifications for downlinking and uplinking of TV channels           (Source:

Press News Sources:

24 foreign TV channels banned for not seeking permission

Published on : NDTV  / December 11, 2012 23:08 IST

Government puts 24 foreign ‘hate channels’ on notice for showing anti-India TV shows after intelligence alert

Published on : DailyMail  / 22:26 GMT, 5 December 2012

No Banned Pakistani Channels Being Aired in India: Centre to High Court

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‘Action will be taken against unauthorized TV channels banned by the Central Govt’

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केंद्रशासनाने बंदी घातलेल्या अनधिकृत दूरचित्रवाहिन्यांच्या विरोधात कारवाई करणार ! 

Published on Sanatan Prabhat

Immediately stop transmission of banned channels through cable in some areas of West Bengal and initiate proper action against offenders.

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24 unauthorised foreign TV channels beaming in India, IB tells MIB

Published on  / 7/12/2015 08:27 AM

11 Pakistan channels among illegal foreign TV networks viewed in India; some content is a security threat, IB warns.

Rathore said in Parliament last Friday in response to a question on foreign TV channels in the Lok Sabha

Published on December 7, 2015 16:02