59 TV Channels Free-to-Air from ABS2 Satellite ( ABS Free Dish)

Updated on 09/11/2015

This is good news for south Indian or Bengali audience that so many fta channels now available from ABS2 satellite. You need a small 60cm DTH antenna and MPEG-2 Set-top box. You will get above 59 TV channels.


You will also receive some other channels from Insat 4CR satellite which are educational and regional channels.  You can check given below list of channels with frequency updates.


Channel Name Language Frequencies
DD News Hin 11734/H/44000
DD Sports Hin 11734/H/44000
DD National Hin 11734/H/44000
DD Malayalam Mal 11734/H/44000
Trace Sport Stars HD Eng 11734/H/44000
Kasthuri TV Kan 11734/H/44000
Kasthuri Newz 24 Kan 11734/H/44000
Prag TV Ass 11734/H/44000
Sathiyam TV Tam 11734/H/44000
DD Bangla Ben 11734/H/44000
Divya Hin 11734/H/44000
Swaraj Express Hin 11734/H/44000
R-Vision Hin 11734/H/44000
Dangal TV Hin 11734/H/44000
Nepal 1 Nep 11734/H/44000
Munsif TV Urd 11734/H/44000
PTC Chak De Pun 11734/H/44000
Kalinga TV Ori 11734/H/44000
Tulsi TV 11734/H/44000
Sarv Dharam Sangam Hin 11790/H/44000
IBC 24 Tel 11790/H/44000
Zee 24 Ghanta Ben 11790/H/44000
Rupashi Bangla Ben 11790/H/44000
Aakash Aath Ben 11790/H/44000
R Plus Ben 11790/H/44000
News Time Bangla Ben 11790/H/44000
Dhoom Music Ben 11790/H/44000
Manoranjan Music Hin 11790/H/44000
Music India Hin 11790/H/44000
Music F Ben 11790/H/44000
Sangeet Bangla Ben 11790/H/44000
Sangeet Bhojpuri Bho 11790/H/44000
TV5 News Tel 11790/H/44000
PTC News Pun 11790/H/44000
Fashion TV Eng 11790/H/44000
Kanak News Ori 11790/H/44000
Green TV Hin 11790/H/44000
Maha Movie Hin 11790/H/44000
Onkar Only Truth TV Ben 11790/H/44000
MBC TV Ori 11856/H/44000
Naxatra News Ori 11856/H/44000
Cine 21 Tel 11856/H/44000
Tulsi TV 11856/H/44000
Tollywood Tel 11856/H/44000
10 TV Tel 11856/H/44000
T News Tel 11856/H/44000
Aastha TV Hin 11856/H/44000
Aastha Bhajan Hin 11856/H/44000
Kanak News Ori 11856/H/44000
Mazhavil Manorama Mal 11856/H/44000
Sakshi TV Tel 11856/H/44000
N TV India Tel 11856/H/44000
Kaumudy TV Mal 11856/H/44000
Kalki Kannada Kan 11856/H/44000
Amrita TV Mal 11856/H/44000
Jeevan TV Mal 11856/H/44000
Jaihind TV Mal 11856/H/44000
Manorama News Mal 11856/H/44000
Reporter Mal 11856/H/44000





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  • Rohini Kumar

    Free to air of ABS2 offers more choice then DD Free Dish and more channels are going to be added,

  • gurdeep singh

    sir add punjabi chhanal mh one and CHARDIKLA TIME TV

  • Davinder

    Dear participants,
    Plz guide me how can i get abs satellite signals with my dd dish.

    • Vipin Sharma

      align your dish to abs2 75 dg. east. use satellite director (android app) and DB meter to get signals. video tutorial available on youtube.

  • Davinder

    Dear Mr.Vipin,
    M very much thankful to u for ur reply.
    M getting abs2 without any app or meter.just move ur dish to right side from dd free side.
    Now m searching for cartoon n sports & more ku band mpeg 2 channels.
    Sab tv,nick,mh1 and many more interesting channels r free to air on c band and m searching for these channels on ku band.
    Plz reply.

  • raj

    Abs frequency kese add hogi please send me procedure

  • raj

    Only afew channels of abs channels are running and other channels are not running why give me right procedure to download them

    • Use original or branded ku-band Dish Antenna. Then you will get all channels.